History of the Barn

The Barn was originally built in the 1940’s.  Back then, Five Lakes Resort was used as a private hunting camp for Mr. W. B. Bollenbach.  He often had sheep on the grounds, though they used existing Quonset mainly as their home.  The original Barn saw a variety of animals over the years until Fair Hills purchased the Five Lakes property in 1976.

Not being in the farming business, Fair Hills used the Barn for other purposes.  Many teens from the late 70’s to late 80’s remember coming out to Five Lakes and sleeping in the hay mow for a night away from parents.  The 90’s also saw staff excursions to the barn for team building outings.

In 2009, the Barn had fallen into enough disrepair that is was time to either give it a huge renovation or demolish it completely.  With the end goal to house owner’s Beth & Dan Schupp horses, the Barn began renovations in 2010.  Right around this time, the Barn Wedding Trend started to emerge and the decision to change the Barn to house events instead of horses was made.  The Barn completed renovations in 2012 and hosted its first wedding in the fall.  The Barn now hosts groups, meetings, parties and weddings each season.  In the winter, the lower level acts as the Fair Hills, Five Lakes & Wildflower Golf Course office with desks occupying the stalls.

The area surrounding the Barn has gotten upgrades each season with the addition of the grand staircase, bridge, pathways and paved roads.  Future projects include patios, a Milkhouse Bar and get ready rooms.